American Shark Flag


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American Shark

Here at Hook N Buoy, we love SHARKS! In fact, it might be one of our favorite animals from the sea. I can definitely say sharks are my son’s favorite, which is where the inspiration for this SPF 50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt started. Another thing we love at Hook N Buoy is fishing. Throughout the year, we spend many days as family fishing.

Last but certainly not least, we love America! As a veteran, the American Flag is something special. With all of that in mind, we wanted to make our twist on the American flag, that combined them all the things we love, resulting in the American Shark Flag SPF 50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt design perfect for sun protection clothing on those hot summer days!

The first thing we started with for this design was the stars. To make the stars we took five fishing hooks and laid them out to make the shape of the five-point stars on the American Flag. Next, we took sharks and lined them up to make the red stripes on the flag. Once they were all laid out, we had the American Shark Flag design!

For the front of the SPF 50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt, we did not want the simple Hook N Buoy logo, we wanted something different. With a back full of sharks, why not add one more to the front. However, to keep the theme with the back we made the sharks eye, the five-pointed fish hook star from the back.

In the end, the American Shark Flag SPF 50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt screams not only patriotism but a shark as well. Looking for the perfect SPF 50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt to add to your summer clothing collection, well look no further.

This 100% polyester SPF 50 long sleeve T-Shirt is designed to fit comfortably as well as look nice. The shirt ranges in sizes from small to 4XL as well as a variety of colors. Also, all of our shirts are printed via the sublimation printing method. With Sublimation, you get a shirt that has a great print, without that heavy feel of the image. However, this image will stand the test of time though, and still, look great over the years.

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